They can also drag grouping categories around and have the numbers update as well. Specifies whether the implicit statement connection cache is enabled. Figure 7 – The Parameter dialog box. You should set entries to a value higher than the number of entries you expect. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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The type of the object returned is java. Wednesday, February 08, Actuate e-Spreadsheet Report. The completed Data Set displays the fields from the query. PrintWriter Specifies the log writer for this data source.

Specifies the maximum time in seconds that this data source will wait while attempting to connect to a database. You should set entries to a value higher than the number of entries you expect. Specifies the database service name for this data source. These services can be any enterprise services. A set of JNDI environment properties, which contains authentication information, can be specified for a data source.

The requirements are for a simple Excel spreadsheet report that gives a list of all employees who meet simple criteria, and drill down from top-most level of the hierarchy to the lower level. I prefer the Pivot table as a report format since it allows report recipients to perform some basic analysis on certain aspects without having to re-run the entire odacle.


For a remote connection, we need additional password file setting procedures. The can also click on the drop down arrow on each column and remove items that achuate do not wish to view. Newer Post Older Post Home. If I were to double click on the numbers in the total column, I would open up a separate worksheet detailing all of the employees represented by that number.

With a growing user community and strong commercial backing, BIRT has enormous potential to really demonstrate the capabilities of the open source development paradigm.

OracleDriver (Oracle JDBC API Reference)

Since the Employee ID is a string, the default value needs to be enclosed in single quotes in order for the preview to show up. Specifies the log writer for this data source. The overloaded getConnection method returns a connection to the database.

Pivot Range Source The next prompt asks you to pick your external data source. Table Standard Data Source Properties. This would take priority over the property settings. This section exhibits JNDI functionality in using data sources to connect to a database.

Figure 5 – Edit Data Set dialog, with an example entry The question mark represents the parameter to be filled in by the user. You will be given a dialog box with a large text field to type in the query. Specifies the maximum number of statements in the application cache. For example, if the client specifies authentication information without explicitly specifying the java. To begin, create a new report design. The way to plug this into oacle is pretty straightforward. The completed report is shown in Figure 8.


Network protocol for communicating with the server. We use the Actuate suite religiously because they are, in my opinion, the best of breed Business Intelligence tools out there. Dreamweaver users should feel right at home with working with the visual data table components.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Project

Specifies the connection properties. The remainder of this actuat discusses the basics of installing BIRT into Eclipse, and demonstrates building a simple report off of an Oracle database to familiarize the reader with the BIRT environment. This section shows an example of the most basic use of a data source to connect to a database, without using JNDI functionality.

The remainder jvbc the URL contains an optional user name and password separated by a slash, anand the database specifier, which uniquely identifies the database to which the application is connected.