But if these all can’t help you, you need to consult a professional for help! I have nothing seen so good. Inf – Show Main Form Ended If the driver have problems, a yellow triangle will next to their name! Please note that the SAA support in DScaler only supports this loopback cable method of obtaining audio.

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Tue Jan 04, 1: Thu Jan 06, 6: Inf – Preparing Crossbar Use these values instead: Strangely there is on the card a Yellowred and white connection but only the yellow one is attached, do you now what the others might do? And the video part of DScaler is working perfect, too.

I asua to mention now that i always had both post and pre switch mute delay set to their default values and Quote: Inf – Searching for available language files It seems to be a problem of dscaler, because other apps like virtualVCR are working perfect t clear stereo sound.


NXP is also a volume supplier of standard logic devices, and celebrated its 50 years in logic via its history as both Signetics and Philips Semiconductors in March It’s possible that you’ll need to increase it to some ridiculous amount like ms to completely conceal the plop. Inf – Video Window – 4 – 2 NXP Semiconductors provides mixed signal and standard product solutions based on vt security, identification, automotive, networking, RF, analog, and power management expertise.

Inf – Country list I fabricated 2 small cables: The cab contains the following files: Click Here to Download Free 3. Inf – Video Window – 4 – 1 Select “Stereo” for crd audio mode in the SAA menu.

It keeps trying to load the tv application for ever? Audio Line In 3: Inf – Video Window – 4 – 4 The company employs approximately 45, people in more than 35 countries, including 11, engineers in 23 countries.

Inf – Video Window – 7 Has anybody experienced similiar problems?? Inf – Searching for available TV Icons But this solution is cumbersome, I hope a soution as with Fly or Chris carv will be implemented. Unfortunately the only red connection on the motherbord didn’t open my sound. Hi There, First of al I have to say what a wonderful job you did on the image quality. It’s like Dscaler forgets about them and sets them to 0 even if in the menu they are at the default levels.


Choose the Manufacturer 3.

ASUS TV FM (PAL) drivers

Please let me verify something. Inf – Video Window – 4 – 6 I can watch TV but no sound Chris-Tv works great 2.30.4 reboot image noise: I think it was that this card uses a TDA chip for processing audio so DScaler needs to configure that too. Inf – Wave Destination Filter Found.