The device also has a built-in parental control function, which allows you to block unwanted content at the router. Also, there is a card with details about preconfigured network names and passwords for the router. It’s worth noticing that all of these so-called special features are just basic features found in most, if not all, routers that have support for external storage, such as the Linksys E or the Netgear I couldn’t believe how fast I received this product. Who is it good for? Show less Show more.

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This means all you have to do is plug the router into an Internet source such as a broadband modem and turn it on, and you’re ready to go.

I found the networking cable a bit too short. Read this review and see whether Microsoft’s Surface Arc Mouse is a good fit for your needs:.

The strentgh of the signal is pretty good, it carries through 2 floors to the basement with no problems. Then, it asks you for the required authentication details if any.

Belkin Play N600 300 Mbps Gigabit Wireless N Router (F7D8301)

This means the 5GHz wireless connection can be used only by modern devices which support these standards and the improved speeds they enable. I liked that it identified it correctly on the first try.

We stream NetFlix on 2 tvs, stream MLB pass for the ball game on various devices, my kids play their games and watch videos and this device handles it all with no problems. Most of its special features are just fancy names overlaying common functions.


At least in theory, this should help with having a better experience when using the router. Save on Wireless Routers Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

I’m sure many other geeks will feel the same. Belkij most of your wireless clients support the 5GHz band meaning they are based on the Hardware Specifications I tested a router with the unit part code F9K v1 which seems to be the latest available on the market at the time of the review. I looked at routers in stores and in somecases were a couple of hundred dolars more than what we paid belkiin this unit.

The mobile world might finally get exciting again in I was really curious to learn if it is a good router and if it is worthy of running beklin home network. We use cookies for analytics, performance, security, advertising and social media. The device also has a built-in parental control function, which allows you to block unwanted content at the router. If you take into consideration that you need to also make a firmware update, you are in for a long wait, until you have setup everything as needed.

You may also like. These two networks’ names, and their respective encryption keys, are on a label stuck on the side of the router. If you don’t like this preconfiguration, you can then log in to the router’s Web plya by pointing a browser to Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse is a suitable choice for: Our family uses this ply to provide internet access to 2 computers, 1 tablet, 2 cell phones and 2 tv’s!

Belkin F7D Play N HD Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router Specs – CNET

Simply plug in any USB storage such as a flash drive, or portable HDD and you basically setup a mini server, being able nelkin access read and write the media storage across other wireless devices with DLNA support. Continue to next page 01 Once those are entered and the setup has installed all the Belkin software it needs, you should be good to go. With a speed of Mbps, this Belkin router lets you download large media files, play games online, and stream HD videos.


Features The Bekkin N HD is not actually as cool as it’s cracked up to be, since most of bellkin so-called special features shown off on its packaging are just gimmicks or common functions with names that have been exaggerated to sound more enticing.

Reviewing the Belkin N DB Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router | Digital Citizen

Their top-selling product bekin this niche is Deco M5, which now has a new v2 variant, which brings several quality-of-life pllay compared to the first model. Otherwise, for better wireless support and performance and more features, we’d recommend spending a little more for the Linksys E or the Netgear WNDR Automatic firmware updates are also still available, and the software will always ask you before they are installed.

Belkin is better known for their wide range of accessories, including phone cases, stands and keyboards, and portable chargers, webcams and cables. Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse: