Now, there is another product on the market that might be a good option, the Gnarbox. They prices is ok. I have spent hours trying to do an incremental upload to no avail. Sanho UDMA 3 accessories. Sanho UDMA 3 overview. I called customer service and got a human to speak to me – problem solved and after hooking up the unit per the manual instructions it worked as it should.

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Because of my experience with portable picture storage devices, I was able to figure it out, I just pity the poor novice who tries to use this device. That should help out some with all the wear and tear.

Backup Your Photos on the Go: Colorspace UDMA 3 Review | Improve Photography

Tomorrow early morning i will write BH to ask for my money back. The main competitor was the Nexto DI. Thank you for sharing! Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Sanho HyperDrive ColorSpace UDMA 3 Wireless SHDCSUDMA32TB B&H

Send a link to this item so recipient can review, customize or exchange for an alternate of equal or lesser value. The same goes with the buttons. I hope you will continue to have great articles like this to share with everyone!

There are some that come with a hard drive installed, and you have options from GB up to 2 TB. I also like to know how long I have left until the upload is complete since I do it on the run.


Rated 2 out of 5 by Jamesv from I would would look at another product I just received the Hyper drive, It seems to be very robust and has a lot of functions. If something is cheaply made, it will probably get broken. Sanho, if you are made aware of these reviews, please, I beg you, do something about the manual.

My problem would be the no display. Sometimes I hate, hate, hate products because their menu system and screen stink. I am completely terrified as I know in a few days I will ran out of free space on my memory cards, and with a brand new expensive and useless UDMA3 on my hands. They prices is ok. I imagine these will last longer than most hard drives because really, they are only being used to upload and transfer.

Don’t want to take a laptop to download photos and this works flawlessly. So far I’ve had no issue with the hard drive.

Luckily, it does come with a soft protective case. Another time, I was uploading photos late one night after the wedding.

I have not tried using my car charger for my phone to charge the unit but I will bet it will work fine. Case in point, it does not cover how to upload pictures to your computer from the device. Leave this field empty. I hope it was helpful. Update Unrecognized Colorpace Code.


I never want to lose photos again, so I like having multiple copies as I shoot. Wifi is slow and lagging. Interface Sometimes I hate, hate, hate products because their menu system and screen stink.

Backup Your Photos on the Go: Colorspace UDMA 3 Review

Sanho UDMA 3 reviews. All in all, if speed is not an issue, this storage device is a lot more convenient to tote around then my laptop. I enjoy using the device and plan to take it with me on vacation, but at one point I seriously considered sending it back because it was so frustrating trying to use the manual. The majority of cameras these day use SD cards, so most people will be happy with the memory slot options.

Easy to learn even without a great instruction manual I had missed a note in the instructions that said I needed to have the unit connected via a charging cable before it would download or sync to a portable hard drive.