Click here for more info. This also works fine, if you work with file-based configuration. I recommend the fields labeled as “string num ” be held as numbers in your database schema. This parameter is required and located at argv[4]. You can download the PostgreSQL source from www. If the result set for a lookup or authority query has three fields, the driver will not use any default values.

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Installing bind9 with DLZ on Ubuntu

Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. Consequently, DLZ is not recommended for use on high-volume servers. You don’t have to use both tokens if your database query doesn’t require it.

You see, BIND “dynamically loads” the “zone” data it needs to answer a query from the database.

This is the solution I’d recommend. See which driver is the fastest and how DLZ’s performance compares with an unmodified Bind. Double quotes could not be used, as the entire DLZ command line is already inside of double quotes and the dls would be nasty.

To override the default behavior, use an extra “.


These queries are then parsed and the tokens removed. Decided to move my windows based DNS servers to linux.

Instead, zones in this DLZ would be separately specified in a zone statement that references the dlz rather than a traditional source such as a file.

This line is indented just to make it easier to read the configuration file. The next section “postgres zone” is the label for this configuration segment.

Quandary 2 13 I was also investigating this issue recently, and here’s my conclusions:.

BIND is then reloaded or restarted. The example below defines a DLZ named “example” that is referenced by the zone clz for example. Can you link me to where you found the PHP api to perform these updates programmatically. I have 2 zones with maybe 20 hosts if that. This parameter is optional and always located at argv[6]. The example below is using dynamic linking via dlopen:.

This allows a variety of database schemas to be used without modification to the driver’s code. Do this often enough and Postgrew could spend more time reloading data than answering queries.

Why that is, you see when you start the bind9 server in debug mode Code:. Notice all the extra spaces at the end of the data string. opstgres


I had another solution which edits the text files but that just gets messy i’d prefer to store it in a db or have an api command i can run remotely. The advantage pistgres splitting the “data” field into many fields in your database is easier data management. DLZ does not impose a pre-defined database schema with most databases. This driver has been built specifically to avoid that problem.

Bind9 and PostgreSQL

Lookup and authority work a little differently in that they have default values. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

If your lookup query will not return NS and SOA records, you must implement an authority query that will return those types of ;ostgres. Originally Posted by RaythXC.

This query is used by allowzonexfr in the Postgres driver. Setup is simplier as no database required.