This problem could occur with any version of the camera. The video quality varies from poor to excellent. Sound quality is poor. Because China makes millions of camera devices cell phones , there are many rejected parts. Links to operating instructions and how to set the date time. How to disable the video date time stamp – The 1 installable firmware consists of a number of files. Maybe easier for someone with only average electronic skills?

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Removable date time stamp. It can be USB connected to charge the battery and take video at the same time. Darker and complex een often use more data.

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Once connected as a mass storage device a quick press of the power button will switch to webcam mode. AVI 0 min 30 sec. To find a webcam driver for your camera, you need to know the Hardware ID of your camera’s webcam mode, then you can look for a webcam driver to match the Hardware ID.

Most problems involve these items so having another one to swap helps to diagnose the problem. As in Svens project, to have enough capacity for long duration time lapse it’s necessary to have a fairly large external power supply. On my computer the selected external codec is ffdshow. When you buy an camera, you usually don’t know which one you will get.


Mobius 808 no.16 vs SJCAM Sj5000x

Reformatting can sometimes reduce these problems: Many cameras do not smart charge the LiPo battery, so the battery does not fully charge and the maximum video een time is not realized. When you receive the camera test it to verify that you received what was described.

I see a LOT of dropped frames. I use three NiMh rechargeables to power the camera, which conveniently gives about 5 volts. I would like to thank Artur for sharing this mod and you for running the website. It also functions as a macro lens.


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OK if the firmware is upgraded with 15 FPS firmware that offers much better quality. Which at 15secs is one minute a megabyte. Features of the Jelly Lens I have no affiliation with fommy. The JPG compression amount is not configurable.

Enter webcam mode, Not the 1 camera – There are two ways: Mark says “it definitely seems that the camera doesn’t match the advertised spec at all 8GB, x video, xbut hey I’m not really surprised! I do workers’ comp surveillance, and have been using the camera at work for about a month now, and have used it to film a “subject” unknowingly while in an elevator with her and her husband who is three times my size! Reid m, Shenzhen Technology Co. Summary of the HD versions and variation of the camera.


A charge lasts about 50 minutes at room temperature.

The original hole was drilled to bigger. Without a brand there is no guaranteed quality level, and no reputation to protect.

This is not a complete list and is subject to change: If the battery is fully charged and the USB is connected the camera produces the most heat. If your computer will not install your camera as a mass storage device, keen there is something wrong with the camera, the USB cable or the computer.

Variant of the 8. 80 the detail tab. The duplicate frame rate is low. All cameras use an internal rechargeable battery module. Most definitely easily disconnected before connecting the USB by just pulling apart connectors.