So we can’t find the command signal to go straight. They also place a strong emphasis on control design; students can gain an advantage only by designing superior controls, not by using superior hardware. Based on this analysis they decided to implement a proportional-integral PI controller for curved sections of the track and a simple proportional controller for straight sections. Your message was succesfully sent! We can’t find it neither on the freescale homepage nor on other sides. Team Rules and Requir

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In the results listing, use the drop-down field to set the access rights for the maker as required, then click the plus button to grant those rights. If any staff member can confirm these results, that would be great. Start thinking about how you will determine where the line is on the track, what algorithm you will use for steering and deciding how much power you want to send to your motor. I know it is in old CW v6. This subsystem automatically adjusts the speed of the inner and outer rear wheels according to the steering angle of the front wheels.

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Codewarrior “Bare Metal” Example Code: This will delete the project. Modeling and Simulating the Car.


My question is as follows: Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. This understanding translated into a significant advantage in the competition because it freescake the students to precisely tune the controller so that the car navigated turns at the maximum possible speed without losing control. To add new comment, please Login.

Freescale Cup Kit

Codewarrior “Bare Metal” Example Code:. We can’t find it neither on the freescale homepage nor on other sides. You may want to read up on PID controllers, or other types of control systems. Hi, after some extensive sleuthing over the ‘net with the various incomplete specs that have been given about the 2 generations of motors, I’ve concluded that the motors are not, in fact, the RS motors that are noted, but actually motors with the size and winding.

Freescale Cup DC Motor Specifications | NXP Community

Can a car memorize the whole route or a part of it and use it to The control system switched between these two controllers as the car raced.

While modeling the electronic differential was a valuable first step, the students needed to model the entire car so that they could run closed-loop simulations with their controller. Therefore, I took some time and used those characteristics in conjunction with the characteristics I observed, and deduced that it must be closest to this motor: The students knew that the differential would require thorough testing and parameter tuning, otherwise it could actually jeopardize performance.


Your job will be to connect the various components together, refine and add to the code we have provided and create a working intelligent car. We are three for software development for TFC and we have just one None Can Read Can Edit.

I burned one out quite quickly when testing the stall characteristics, thinking it was equivalent to the spec sheet denoted here – instead, it drew about 2x the current specified in the datasheet and started smoking as soon as I stalled it, drawing about 8A right prior to becoming nonfunctional.

Once they had verified the plant model, the students began creating a controller model in Simulink. Does anybody have this board and doesn’t use it? Here is a great deal of information for the teams participating into the Freescale Cup Qualification race hosted by the University Mundiapolis in Casablanca Morocco: Here is a great deal of information for the teams participating into the Freescale Cup Qualification race hosted by the University of Zilina in Slovakia: Hardware for Project-Based Learning.

Explore the tutorials and reference materials Designing and programming your Cup Car: Thanks for Joining the CircuitMaker Community! Please, open this page in browser and download file from there.