EXE, it will ask for an extraction directory and defaults to a temporary directory. I am trying to help a friend of mine program an eManage Blue. Turn on the car ACC and then start emanage. Simply overwrite the map to get past this. This must be changed, change this to an area such as c: Still With all of this it does not connect.

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Greddy E-manage

Credit goes to everyone else that helped put little pieces together for me, Jake in particular. Move these files over top of where you installed the management tool 1. All times are GMT Did that the first time I tried. Emanage blue harness shown in photo.

It comes with the box, emanage blue, main harness, manual, and hardware. This is not for the newbie with electronics. E-manage is not in Its time to do a Converter side loopback test. You can adjust settings by interfacing directly with your car’s onboard computers, and at the same time you can note any performance irregularities and either attempt to reset them or else mark them for later maintenance. Most newer laptops do not have the serial port.


wilbo / GReddy e-Manage Support Tool

Time to check the wiring. Use an old dead mouse or nick something from work 5 Use a soldering iron to remove the old connections in the USB socket, noting which end of the 4 terminals you remove the black cable from 6 solder the DKU in place such that the black ground goes where the black of the USB was, then the RX on the next pin white in my case then TX on the next pin blue for me.

This must be changed, change this to an area such as c: Shop the extensive inventory of motors, parts, and accessories, including car and truck engine computers! OK, I have sub made my self a working support tool cable. Facebook Twitter Digg del.

Emanage Blue Usbto Usb Cable

Sign up, and download e-manage Change that in the emanage blue unit and then click to connect and voila! They work, I’ve used them before. The active and Interaction lights both turn on, they stay both on all the time, no matter if I connect the usb or emansge.

Use winrar provided on same group to extract v1. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Here is a picture of my end result: Step 3 — Software Emanage can be downloaded from this emanage group on yahoo. I am trying to help a friend of mine program an eManage Blue. An easy way to supply vreddy is to get two wires with stripped ends, rig three AA batteries together in series and use electrical tape to get a wire at each end on the contact. Plug the cable into your computer before loading the program.

DIY Greddy Emanage Blue Cable from Scratch : MIKE MORAWSKI | Programming & Tech Blog

Originally Posted by mozso. Since the Emanage software is actually free!!

The TX and RX wires will show about 3 volts back to ground black cable. Originally Posted by mazdagtr. I have soldered a dku-5 off ebay straight into a usb type-A connector. Here is a picture of my end result:. If so, where can we purchase that from?