Letter A Size 8. I believe it is a micro switch soldered onto a small PC board. ANy ideas on the cause? Actually, it’s been a champ. Personal printer – ink-jet – color.

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Remove the ink cartridges and check them.

Researchers find way to track ‘untraceable’ 3D-printed guns The 3D-printer leaves a hardware fingerprint. My printer does not print the whole page, it misses about 2ins. HP requires that both cartridges be present and that both are making good electrical contact.

Printer: HP DeskJet C | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

This product cannot be identified by ;rint Number alone. Try cleaning all the electrical contacts, carefully and gently, with Distilled Water on Q-Tips or on a lint free rag. Choose a different product series. The ‘X’ button cancels the printout.

When i turn the printer on and off it makes no noise whatsoever. I reinstalled my old working cartridges, only to find that the problem was still there. Any ideas why my printer has stopped printing. Maybe the following documents on HP’s web site will be of help to you in giving a coherent description of your printers problem. Is there any way to physically remove the ink from the 45s and put it into the 15?


ConfusedKid, Here’s some things to try: I have ripped my printer apart but have found nothing that would stop power from getting to the printer, I have tested the power cord and everything is functioning fine. Anyone have any clue as 9940c what to do with this piece of garbage!

Did you actually check the expiration date on the cartridges? Our school’s c printer won’t print. What could be the problem?

HP deskjet 940c printer

Hello Sam, I am having the same problem I scan text that is centered on scan set up but it does not print text to the center, do you have any answers – Anonymous. Let us know the results.

If this is true, the only way to diagnose the particulars is to remove the case. You could run this self-test several times [just be sure], but usually if it works once it will do the same again. Any DJ series will work. OR take it too the local HP repair, and have it fixed.


Please let me know as soon as possible. I get purple, light purple, orange, green, etc. When printing a document the paper slides in the machine and the page is crooked when finished.

I cleaned the contacts again on one of my printers and it is working now. Please wait while we process your request.

Warranty removed from product: Already have an HP account? If you use a magnifiying desljet you can usually see that stamped date on each cartridge once you remove them Clean the cartridge and carriage electrical contacts using a cotton swab moistened with water. I just did my first ink cartridge refill on my friends c. Your description of the problem has conflicting statements, so I don’t know what advice to give you.