Pros Direct hardware monitoring. Eve n music streamed over the internet seemed better defined and clearer, though this did expose how compressed the high end is in streaming music. The installation ran and eventually asked me to plug the interface in, then shortly after to reboot. I just downloaded the the latest driver off of lexicon’s website, and clicked the setup icon. The U22 has a solid, chunky metal chassis, and feels at home betwixt keyboard and screen. Unfortunately, the U22 acts as a dongle, so don’t expect Pantheon II to work without the interface attached. You may also like.

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This VST and U2 plug-in includes six reverb types ambience, chamber, hall, room, plate and customspread across 35 presets. It’s simply light years ahead of the onboard sound card. The dbx 60 V microphone preamps in this desktop recording interface let you capture sound from any source and deliver clear output.


People who bought this also bought. It’s larger than it looks in the photo, about i-oniix foot long and about 4 inches tall The knobs all turn slowly, and feel quite solid.

As is the case with most interfaces nowadays, the U22 comes bundled with some free software. The Ionix range of three desktop-friendly audio interfaces is the company’s latest offering – they’re all designed to sit between your computer keyboard and monitor. I just downloaded the the latest driver i-onjx of lexicon’s website, and clicked the setup icon.


Although Lexicon made its name with high-end digital l-onix units, it’s branched out in recent years. They also are fairly large, and spaced far enough apart that you won’t accidentally change the wrong one.

Lexicon I-ONIX U22 Digital Recording Interface

From installation onward, I’ve been surprised at how easy to use and good sounding this interface is. Additional Product Features Product Type. Obviously, you’ll need to leave space for cabling, but the side access for headphones i-onox instrument jack makes perfect sense. This item doesn’t belong on this page. The most interesting piece has to be Lexicon’s own Pantheon II reverb.

To start, the installation of the drivers was very easy on Windows Vista, though it did take a while. The Unit Itself The build quality of this unit is excellent. Show More Show Less. Though I don’t sit it between a i-onixx and monitor like Lexicon recommends, it fits well next to my laptop.

This allows me to record guitar through amp simulators, and do midi work with ease. All of the inputs feel solidly built as well, which is reassuring in regards to this unit’s lifespan. No software monitoring options.

Lexicon Ionix U22 review | MusicRadar

Tactile interface with stylish metering. Preamps The preamps on this interface are a great value for their low cost, and they are quite clean, however they do add a hint of character to the sources run k-onix them.

Pros Direct hardware monitoring. It’s conversion was equally good when running a guitar direct into it and through an amp simulator. Should you want to tweak these, all 16 parameters are laid out on one page, and the plug-in is pretty CPU-efficient, too. More items related to this product. Both mic inputs can supply 48V phantom power a single switch activates both channels and, once again, there’s a front panel LED indicator.


The U22 has a solid, chunky metal u22, and feels at home betwixt keyboard and screen. The pretty small price tag of this unit, and small latency times, coupled with great preamps and great conversion make it in my opinion, the best interface Read full review.

Great Easy to use Interface!

My only gripes about this is that they could’ve put db level markings around either the knobs or alongside the level indicator. Plugging into the instrument jack automatically engages input 1, and there’s a useful LED indicator just below the gain knob, in case you forget that it’s active.

The preamps also do have quite a bit of gain available, and I’ve been able to get a good level with my active ribbon microphone the Blue Microphones Woodpecker Ribbon Microphone by turning the knob to about 2 o’clock. Response on both guitar and soft synths controlled by a midi keyboard is pretty much instant, which makes it really easy to work with.