However I just found NVStrap. Does it really look like its running fps, or does it just say it is and instead just seems to get a small fps increase? If you follow these directions to a T, it will work. Combined with a few extra’s and an overall high class build Gigabyte is showing a mighty fine offering. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

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Hope you’ve already found what you were looking for Thanks I don’t remember what importing coolbits does to display settings with the nvstrsp driver set don’t know if clockspeed settings will show up – I’ll check when I get home.

If it drops from 60 to 40, you nvsttap notice some jerkiness ie, loading something from hard drive. I’m going to reinstall a fresh set of drivers with the patch applied correctly and see what happens then. Don’t quote me on that though.

Click the Open Patch Script button 3rd from the left on the bottom. Originally posted by cruc1fy It will speed up games that support hardware OGL, but not insta,l newer Direct3D based games. Or just becnh perfomance? Thier own instructions for installation always refer to the older 2x. Is there anyway to use the SQ hack and still keep my DX capabilities, I haven’t run into that install. When I install NvStrap drivers and force quadro capabilities on with my asus Geforce4 TI SE, the video card seems to fail its initialisation after reboot and my.


No NVstrap tab in Rivatuner?

It takes maybe 20 minutes, but it’s easy and it might be worth looking into. I asked this in a similiar thread here, but never really got a answer.

I think you may have just changed the ID of the card to look like a Quadro without actually gaining any of the benefits. Choose low level system setting 2.

Also, does the old Quadro3 hack still work on the newer Detonator drivers? One charge will get you hours of wireless headset gaming over two quality 50mm drivers. AS for advacned features can anyone advise me on whats worth switching on and what isnt?

Installing SoftQuadro4

I mean will i be able to overclock my card after the hack? By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Author Write something about yourself. It would be great to hear a way to modify GF3 Ti to quadro with newest drivers. It is possible to hardware mod the card, though. Click the Power User tab. After the files are extracted to whatever directory you specify, you can close the Detonator install.


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On RivaTuner NVstrap Driver Enable low-level system tweaks?

Alright, since no one responded, had to find out for myself. RivaTuner no longer has the Open patch script button Retired Sticky A couple people have asked me how to get the SoftQuadro hack to work. Log in or Sign up. Insall how will it perform?

No NVstrap tab in Rivatuner? | [H]ard|Forum

Overall a simple looking yet very nvwtrap keyboard with some very cool per key LED lighting features that can animate and has compatibility with macro’s, without the use of any software.

I’ve heard that it works on the MX cards, but I am sceptical since I think they have different cores. After that, you’re done. Click the left button Customize low level system settings. Three icons will popup.