Hi I have required jar [db2jcc Driver” ; line to load the driver. From other stackoverflow thread: No suitable driver found 9 answers. I think if someone could explain why Class.

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It cant find your driver. For starting with eclipse http: Probably with Tomcat 7 you where using an older driver than with Tomcat 5. Joan Payano Camacho 21 1. However, when I tried suitablee run the same code inside of Tomcat 7, I found that I could only get it work by first registering the driver, changing the above to this:.

Double click on Tomcat server in eclipse servers view, it will open the tomcat plugin config, then either: In my case application runs fine in jetty server via maven or stand alonebut when I try to run it in other servers Nno tested in tomcat and glassfish I get above error. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. See Javadoc of DriverManager for details. Driver ; OR Class.


This helped me alot, but in my case I had to change from DriverManager. This question has been asked before and already has an answer. I had a similar problem, just verify the port where your Mysql sqlexceptioh is running, that will solve the problem.

The -cp argument on command line must point to the full path of the driver jar. I noticed a funny where any test in SoapUI would fail until I had tried test connection from the environments and connections screen.

Interbase java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver

Driver” ; It works now! Add the driver class to the bootstrapclasspath.

When I run pop. No suitable driver found 9 answers. Just try to remove mysql-connector-java If you don’t – download it, unpack and drop mysql-connector-java-x.

How to solve eption: No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost/test

Feb 5 ’17 at We’ll see these reasons in more detail in this article. Using Eclipse Juno downloaded, not installed via the software centreTomcat 7 downloaded in a custom user directory also added as a Server in Eclipse, Dynamic Web Project with a 3.

Another thing to look out for is the syntax of the connection url. How to design a vending machine in Java? Newer Post Older Post Home. This also helped me when I was setting up TeamCity. I am using pooling.


Interbase eption: No suitable driver

Open the unzipped folder named mysql-connector-java At least that’s how it works in Jboss. Load is required here in this situation it would be beneficial. No suitable driver found for jdbc: How HashMap works in Java? Driver” ; This is what you are missing to have everything working. No suitable driver found for jdbc: An example of retrieving data from a table having columns column1, column2 ,column3 column4, cloumn1 and 2 hold int values and column 3 and 4 hold varchar