Have something to add?! Both handsets did a decent job with processing the background — it is adequately blurry and serves exactly as a background to the flower. Well, looks good, right? Video sample 1 3gp, 0. Loud Speaker Alternative names:

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Sony Ericsson Ki – Vibra Motor. However the process of menu navigation has gotten a tad speedier as well as some other features like the phonebook.

In terms of differentiation through functionality, there is nothing really bad in this — pay more to gain more. P P P P P1. One of the key traits was the shutter covering the lens — sliding it down brought up the camera mode automatically, which was pretty convenient. There is no Burst mode several photos taken in rapid successionsince its alternative, BestPIC, is available in the Ki. Picture quality —Fine, Normal.

Review of GSM/UMTS-handset Sony Ericsson K850i

Flash — Auto, red-eye reduction, disabled. Serving as a proof of our words is the snap below — not only does the picture taken with the Ki look cwmera natural in terms of colors, but also it seems more vibrant.

And if they are, the Ki will have the upper hand in most situations and modes. Every maker strives to make its products distinctive in use and creates usage patterns. We experimented with cold and warm items and came to a conclusion that temperature has nothing to do with the way the handset reacts to presses. In conditions of Moscow camerq, this cell will keep the phone up and running for about 2 days on average use — it is not much different from the Sony Ericsson Ki.


But after all, if you are looking for the best imaging department today — it all in the Sony Ericsson Ki. Supports Image and Video Stabilizer so videos and photos taken would be less likely to appear blurred and shaky. The bottom edge of the screen is a tad loose, as the protective glass of the display goes up and down a bit. Now there is a mode, where you can access the network set up on your PC from the phone, which does come in handy, for example when using ActiveSync.

Sony Ericsson K850i – 5 Mpix camera performance

Even though there were others before camrra, only the Nokia N95 has managed to become a relatively mass-market product. This way, the user experience is broken, which is not always a good thing. These options have been forgone not because of some miscalculation or an attempt to follow the fashion.

Many are curious what the difference between the A2 and its predecessor is, and how crucial the changes are. For comparison, the Sony Ericsson Ki measures up at x47x18 mm, weight k850k.

That said, we are taking a plunge. I guess these problems will occur only in case of really careless treatment. K850o they make it?


On USB-connection you are forced to pick connection cwmera — specifically whether you will be accessing data stored on the memory card or just keep managing the phone or activate Print mode. Obviously, Nokia looks like a winner with this shot. It normally takes a few seconds, but it is more likely to be about the throughput between the memory card and other components of the system.

Is the Sony Ericsson Ki the first mass-market device sporting a 5 Mpix camera? This is the first occasion when two flash types go hand to hand in one device.

At the same time, right beneath it is a LED flash, which is here to improve quality of pictures taken during the night-time, when use of a xenon flash is not justified.

How does it do that?

Sony Ericsson Ki – Wikipedia

The handset comes with EDR-enabled Bluetooth 2. Here are two visions of k850o and the same stone. It is quite another matter, though, that the handset filling in the gap between this model and the next flagship will carry this ability by default.

Does the Sony Ericsson Ki qualify as breakthrough of today?