Thanks to bluedragon from InsanelyMac for the command prompt procedure! We are turning a previously tailored FAT32 partition into Macs native file system. Now that that’s finished, let’s move onto the next step. Leopard should boot up and you’ll be treated to a nice into video, too! Click the arrow to use English as the primary language.

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Remember, don’t pirate Mac, buy a legal copy!

As of now, we have a working Windows install, but we haven’t got any way to get to OS X. Don’t mess around with the install! So if you have an 80 GB drive, enter I did not backup my files and everything still worked, but if you have very important files, I’d recommend putting them on a USB stick or something.

Look for a file called boot. Logical partitions are easier as they can be placed anywhere on the hard disk.

Installation Guides/Kalyway DualBoot – OSx86

Even if you have checked this, make doubly sure! Alternatively, you could get this advanced tboot. This guide has been compiled from many different kaltway.


Skip the next section and go onwards to Burning. Thanks to bluedragon from InsanelyMac for the command prompt procedure!

Select the other partition which should be above or below this one in the sidebar and have almost no difference between the capacity and vixeo space.

I myself own a proper Mac, and it is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Instead, download it from here RAR file or here zip file. Retrieved from ” http: You’re now back at the Welcome screen.

This page was last modified on 14 Marchat Right click on it and select Properties. Press F10 to save settings type Y in the box that pops up and then exit setup.

If you have 1GB, then the actual install should complete in about 15 min. We’ll fix that in this section. If so, move along to the next section!

Restart your computer at this point and vidwo for the process to finish. If not, repeat steps 19 to If you have already have XP installed, scroll down to Partitioning.


Log in Create account Recent changes Good luck with your Hackintosh! Once that’s done, move kalywsy the best part: Find the section where it lists your first second and third boot devices. As long as you are using the You can choose either primary requires “chain0” or logical requires “tboot” partitions.

Installation Guides/Kalyway DualBoot 10.5.2

Just finished the XP install? I have not tested it on an AMD, you’re better of going with the other installation guide if you have an AMD processor. Thanks for reading and I hope you found my guide useful!