The green light for power goes on but the link light does not and the signal to my iPhone doesn’t seem any stronger. On the fourth time it will boot up normally and the linksys adapter will be missing from my devices menu as if it had not been install at all. My OS is windows 7. This morning when I turned it on, I was not automatically connected to the wifi network. It worked for 4 months, then just a few days ago all of a sudden I didnt have internet.

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I would if I didn’t loose my gigabit network speed. Am I missing something? I use it on linkays desktop computer as i am not able to be in range to connect directly, usually it will come up “Wireless connections 2” and there I can select my SSID ect, be connected fine.

WIMM – is this device warable? I have these settings on the ML View in community Hi there, Yeah I did read the forums about this, however, my question is v11.2 bit different.

Linksys WMP55AG Dual-Band Wireless A+G PCI Adapter Driver Driver – TechSpot

I am trying to enhance my internet signal from my wireless ATT gateway so I can surf the net on my iPhone. Supported by the 1v.2 tech community forums.


Im in Belize trying to teach children how to use computers, which will be hard without the internet. Decent price, kept me updated with progress, well packed and they chucked in some sweeties! My OS is windows 7.

WMP55AG PCI Adapter V1.2 (insall driver keep freeze) [Help Needed..!!]

Reboot the computer after the installation. So do what works. Anyone know what this is? Any help is very much appreciated, I want to be more useful while volunteering!

Whenever I start playing a game like Tera Online or Smite for example, the screen will freeze and then the pc will restart itself 3 times. As such, I dont have access to an electronics store or regular mail. You can Pay with: I also tried to plug the adapter into my laptop to see of it actually worked, and as soom as I pluged it in, it said the adapter was up and running, and I did not need to install a thing.

Making AE work with Windows 8. I have successfully made the router to work on wire with mbps. My oinksys purchased the AE to work with his Oppo BDP Blu-Ray player, because the other wireless dongle he had didn’t work flawlessly, as wmo55ag very slow performance.

Where do I get the correct driver for my PC that is not conflict or cause freezeing? Obtained this 4 days ago and am beating my brains out and regretting the day i looked at it. My OS is Windows 8.


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The internet disconnects but says “limited connectivity” in the Wireless Network Connection list. This gets so bad that I eventually loose all connection to server resources and need to restart the Workstation service to restore connection. View in community so I just got the linksys AC wireless adapter.

Hi there, Yeah I did read the forums about this, however, my question is a bit different. New item that you can order before we receive stock.

Any other sugestions on how the settings for the usb Linksys adaptor should be done? My guess is that only one channel is connecting and the other is not set up. I’ve tried directly looking f It still sometimes has errors during the lniksys of running. Any help would be appreciated. Now I think it’s caused by the fact it uses auto-switch function and the Oppo does not support 5 Ghz.