It is easy to set up and use, yet offers sophisticated sound fit for audiophiles through inspired audio engineering and the Uni-Q driver. We certainly hope so. The dance-pop stylings of the virtual sing star were incredibly immediate and fantastically explosive in the ear, with the razzle-dazzle of the performance taken to a higher level thanks to the LS40’s quality. By Robert Jones T In our experience, Anniversary products tend to be either high-end mega-money statements to show just what the company is capable of, or distinctly retro to show where it started. Open that box and you are presented with the headset’s instruction manual, which comes stowed in an interior slot, as well as the LS40s black carrying pouch. Review — MIX Magazine.

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The boom mic isn’t best in class but is good and grants distortion free communication. Why not just have the port on the end of dongle, thereby removing the need for clearance?

Even without that opinion-dividing colour — KEF calls it Rose Gold — this is one distinctive driver complement. The first thing that strikes us is the quality of the bass performance. Connect up to 12 devices in total, including a maximum of eight Bluetooth devices and switch between audio inputs conveniently.

Compared to some real leather and soft fabric-padded headphones T3 has worn recently these did not compare favourably. Project Diva X was just a fabulous experience when wearing the LS40s. Review — Hi-Fi News. LucidSound LS40 Image 4 of 8. Trying the LS40s on for size assuaged some of this disappointment, as the ear pads were not unpleasant on the ears, however, they were certainly not best-in-class soft or particularly cushioned.


Cities were brought to life more too, with the music of taverns bleeding out into the streets and the passing mumblings of drunkards hitting our ears with a delicate sophistication. Review — MIX Magazine.

Interior Design Friendly With only two speaker enclosures, LS50 Wireless blends easily into the home without the clutter. The wireless “Base Station” dongle has a functional but questionable design; the ear pads don’t look or feel great; the wireless range is just OK; while some of the streamlined elegance displayed in the LS20s is also lost in the engorged over-ear design.

LG LSS Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.A.E

Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter. Not only that, but due to the engorged size of the over-ear cans on the LS40s, the ear pads are even larger than before and even more noticeable, with the fabric rumpling in an unattractive manner around the pad stitching. Just how much bigger can the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G get?!

Wild Hunt and Hitman, among others. We certainly hope so. Read on to find out.

However, there are just a few aspects of the LS40 package that let it down slightly and here, at the top end of the market, that becomes more noticeable. Review — Gramophone Magazine. However, we always prefer a hardwired connection here aidio T3 Towers for enhanced speed and stability. Reasons to avoid – Ugly ear pads – Dubious wireless dongle design – A little chunky – Wireless LS30s retail for almost half the price. The intensity was white hot. In the end we managed to plug the dongle in by moving the PS4 Pro’s front edge just slightly off the TV stand it was positioned on there was no space for us to position horizontallythereby allowing the cable sheath to protrude downwards off the edge, however, it aduio seemed to highlight that the design choice to locate the dongle’s port on lx40 side was not optimal.


LS50 Wireless

By Robert Jones T The simple answer is yes, yes it could. By using the site you agree to this policy.

Latest leaks claim that 6. The rest of the enclosure is made from MDF. The audio reproduction in terms of clarity is up there with the best we’ve heard from a gaming headset and, quite possibly, is the best we’ve heard. Naturally, when the guns came out, the LS40s handled their booming ls500 with aplomb. The volumetric DTS Headphone: Background music from radios, mechanical buzzes and bings from machinery, and throwaway noises such as coughs, footsteps and more were all incredibly clear to our ears, really imbuing the world with a realism we hadn’t heard before.

LucidSound LS40 Image 8 of 8.