I got the same problem!! With detailed tests with DFT, everything is right. Bios is correctly set to boot Sata drive? The random booting does side PSU problem Can you list some system details? I see no other idea , so i give up.

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MSI 649 Neo-V drivers

Have a good WE. I tried to change the sata port on the mb: Bios is correctly set to boot Sata drive?

Few hickups I prefer Western Digitals, been solid, but Samsung spinpoints very quiet Used MSI mainboards for over 10 years now. What brand PC are you using or is it home build? Mixing memory sticks is asking for troubles. Do you have access to another Sata drive, to test your incompatibility issue There are jeo a million or more different solutions Thanks for all Dell UK. I do have software, but no Hitachi sata drives Have you contacted Hitachi, to see if there is a firmware update?


problem MSI neoV+Hitachi sata HD

The power supply details needed are on the side of the PSU Disabled the floppy on board controller, after you have loaded optimised defaults Hi tho, You mentioned earlier in thread you have used Hitachi diag tools When i set manually to first: Something interesting for the boot sequence: Have you been to SIS and checked for driver updates there?

Have you tested with secondary stick alone in same DIMM slot? Since its happend randomly it could be PSU issue I see no other ideaso i give up.

Apparently the problem has nothing to do with memory. That does not cause heat issues It sounds like a compatibility sqta, or maybe I used a bad sata driver the version I used is 5.

MSI 649 Neo-V – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – SiS649 Series

Win 7 Pro 64bit. Home Help Search Login Register.

Anyway, you too have great weekend ATB Del. Hi tho, Never give up I tried to plug the ide power connector instead of the sata flat b connector this HDD let the choice: When it is detected, every thing works fine, but most of time, it is not and the boot fail.


For my machine, it is home made, and i can tell that it worked fine during a couple of msu with all present components except the new Hitachi HD. Please login or register.

Hello dell UK i explored the hitachi site. That is the most obvious and simple idea among millions.

I could change settings dealing with quietness but no effectand some other settings on capacity no attempt and 2 settings on sata: