Nonetheless, we managed an impressive CPU score and a Memory score. This waterblock has a thick copper base, clear Lucite top, and metal hose barbs. Advueu LCD inch x 0. In general, each successive revision is more refined and, if nothing else, faster than the last. Motherboards may also have built-in temperature and voltage monitors and even tools for automatically adjusting fan speeds.

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Dx2280 mt rtl 8110

Users who want peak network speeds when playing games online typically disable their lag-inducing software firewalls. I love this thing’s extruded aluminum frame, myself. Watercooling systems are effective only when their pumps are moving water swiftly through the case. We picked up O.

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LG LCD 19 inch x 0. Scores slowly increased as we pushed clock speeds high- er, but they never approached our original score. The HDD score was just slightly better than that of the two previous boards. The next article will offer some insight into some of the ways you can push your system even fur- ther.

Samsung LCD Slim inch x 0. I’ve found that some whizbang- ers glow nicely under black light A, but go opaque or look flat under UV lamp B. I now hope to sate the urge by embracing it more fully, eventually gaining the upper hand. In this case, however, the VE stands for Value Edition, so we guess the name is a way of denoting a board with a fairly high-end chipset but not much else in the way of features.


Screw a few alien heads into the back of your victim’s PC.

It even has a little spring that keeps it closed when you’re not using it, so that you don’t ruin your day when you’re pawing blindly about in your desk drawer for something else. Also, tap water’s impurities can and will eventually cause buildup inside your system, and any sort of slowdowns or blockages especially inside a waterblock will reduce cooling efficiency.

Modding can be a brainstorming session with a piece of paper and a pen, but you can get ideas from running ran- dom errands and observing the things around you. The Realtek ALC provides 7. SiS’ latest chipset offers an upgrade path that moves at the user’s pace.

Forum Announcement New Registrations disabled until further notice. I’ve also attempted to shine a light on a few charlatans attempt- ing to part you from your paycheck by selling you substandard doohickeys.

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Hey, I won- der if the editor will let that shameless plug slide. We managed a 3D- Mark05 score, a significant gain over our stock score. When choosing paint and primers, make sure they yield the desired finish flat or glossy and are designed for the type of material you’re painting. So, even though the P supports DDR2, you won’t be able to use it on this board. Getting Into Modding How was modding invented?


Place blowholes where they will do the most good. Your processor may manage over 3. The only heat gun I ever killed was the one I used to defrost an air conditioner’s A-coil that had frozen solid. You’ll have up-to-the-sec- ond readings in degrees Cel- sius. This time Windows booted successfully, but 3DMark05 crashed while testing. With the processor run- ning at 3. Don’t just rely on an antista- tic mat to stave off static, or you’ll be singing the blown motherboard blues.

You’ll get a thrill just taking stuff out of the tin and putting it back. We ran 3DMark05 to gauge system stability and managed a score.

If you have the choice be- tween buying an Intel 2. I think Xpro is strong in DX9 games Modding is standing apart from the crowd.